Saturday, March 01, 2008

Writing Really IS Therapeutic!

So why don't I do it more often???  Life gets in the way... Stupid answer.  Life is what I like to write about.  It helps me get things off my chest.  I don't do it because I want the whole world to know what's going on. I just do it because I'm not good with whining and sometimes you just need to emotionally purge.

I think this may be why I am where I am.  It has been too long since I have allowed myself to let it out.  Could that be why I feel like I've recently fallen in a manhole and no one knows I'm here??? Oh yeah.  Absolutely!!!  Even still, I don't think I'm ready to let it all out. Just yet. I still need time to analyze the crap out of it.  See where I'm going with it.  What the next step will bring.  Then.  Maybe. I will have a good emotional vomit.

Until then. I'll just keep writing in my head.