Saturday, June 07, 2008

Do I really have to call him Master???

My husband completed his MPA program and went through his graduation ceremony last night. Yes. Charles now has his Master's Degree.

He doesn't look any different. Well, unless you count the 2 hours at the ceremony where he had to wear the lovely black gown and graduation cap and the new "hood" that he received to note his masterous achievement. I'll forgive him of this short lived fashion faux pas.

He doesn't act any different. Nope. He's still the same ole Charles. Laid-back, easy-going, and he's still a kid at heart. The only difference now is that he has a piece of paper that says he's "highly educated". That's right... it doesn't matter that he can't spell even with the aid of spell-check to save his life. He's highly educated. Even though I get more answers right when we watch jeopardy and wheel of fortune... he's highly educated. Even though I read and re-read and edited all those papers that earned him is diploma... he's highly educated.

So no. No. Even though I have never been more proud of him than I was the minute his name was called and he walked across the stage to receive his diploma... I will NOT be calling him Master!

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