Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maybe I really AM falling apart...

Ok, so, in the not so distant past I wrote about THIS Apparently, I spoke too soon. What was I thinking? I know better than to open my big mouth like that. Yep... that's right... I jinxed myself and had surgery #9 on June 1st. See - when I do things. I go ALL OUT.
Now, for those of you who have ever considered a hysterectomy, I had a partial and for me it was pretty much a piece of cake. What I do NOT recommend is having an emergency appendectomy 12 days later. Seriously. Take my word for it and DO NOT DO THIS! It really screws up your life. The surgery itself wasn't so bad. Not a lot of pain involved, unless you count the horrible 3 day illness and 2 emergency room visits that preceded this surgery. What is does to a 37 year old woman's body - pure H-E-L-L. I'm telling you, I feel like I was hit by a bus then hit again. Wiped out. I thought I'd feel better each passing day, but unfortunately, speed doesn't seem to be a part of this particular recovery process.
I went to the doctor yesterday... the follow up appointment to my 1st surgery. You know the appointment where I was supposed to be released to go back to work. HA! No going back to work for me. Four more weeks of recovery time is what he's suggested. Lovely. I'm doing my best to take it easy. I have a great group of family and friends who have pitched in lots of help.
I guess for now I'm going to take a piece of my own advice and take care of me... I mean, honestly, I don't have very many removable body parts left!

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