Monday, January 29, 2007

A Better Day...

OK, I just typed out a huge sappy blog and it got lost. WTH??? You can't do that to a woman who's had 2 glasses of wine!
Any way... the sweentend condensed version is that they are digging my pool next Monday. .. ..
I'm soooooo excited! Actually, I'm so excited that I'm celebrating. Yep. I'm on my 2nd glass of wine. I haven't drank since I was in San Diego last month, so I was due. That and my husband left me to go to some crazy Cross Country Coaches meeting on the other side of town. Whatever.....
You have a half drunk wife at home. That most certainly means nookie and you leave. Not the smartest cookie in the box. Oh well. Lucky for him I love him so much!
That's all I remember from my lost blog. Read above drunk statement... Sorry about that. I'm sure it was pretty good. I promise to keep posting updates on the pool. Don't get too sick of them!

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