Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When did this child learn to read???

Luke: Momma. You spelled happy wrong.
Me: Really? Where?
Luke: Right there. On the top of your computer. It says The Happa Life.  But with an "a" instead of a "y".
Me: It is SUPPOSED to be Happa with an "a".  It's our life.  
Luke: That's just weird.  I don't get it. How is our life happa and not happ'y'??? 
Me: Cuz you're a Happa.
Luke: No sir. I'm a boy.  
Me: Daddy says that you and your sister are BOTH Happas.  Because you are (in my worst Asian accent) hapa dis and hapa dat!  You know... you're half Korean and half Caucasian. 
Luke: You and Daddy are both weird.... (as he exits from reading over my shoulder to play PS2)

Are we weird?  We are a mixed race family. An "inter-racial" couple. I'm white. He's Asian. Our kids are mixed.  We joke about race in our house.  Not really in derogatory terms, but we make light of situations on a regular basis. 

I'm still not convinced that my children know exactly what they "are".  Wait. I take that back.  They know that they are half Korean and half Caucasian.  But at 9 and 6, I'm not sure they have a grasp that there are people that consider them different.  My children will both tell you (and believe it) that they look EXACTLY like their momma -except they don't have blue eyes.  They don't.  I mean, as they get older, it is finally apparent that I was present at their conception, but to say that they look like me is quite the overstatement. 

It always makes me giggle inside, though. I love how they aren't really in tune with stereotypical differences in appearances.  Maybe the world needs more Happas 

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Sari said...

I just came across your post and we too are a mixed family. My husband is koren and I'm white american and we have one daughter with another one on the way. Love your blog! Thanks for the smile!